Kerbal Space Program 2 is Now Available in Early Access

Private Division and Intercept Games have announced that Kerbal Space Program 2 is now available in PC Early Access on Steam, Epic Games Store, Private Division Store, and other digital storefronts for an introductory price of $49.99.

Kerbal Space Program 2 ushers in the next generation of space adventure by allowing players to build their own space program with hundreds of new and improved parts, an upgraded onboarding experience, modernized visuals, vibrant and realistic environments with unprecedented detail, customizable color schemes for spacecraft, and more. 

The game features nearly limitless possibilities in vehicular construction, offering over 350 original and improved parts, along with a new parts size category and part coloring tool for endless customization.

“We’re very excited to release Kerbal Space Program 2 in Early Access,” said Nate Simpson, Creative Director at Intercept Games. “Having built a game of such unprecedented technical complexity, we can’t wait to see what new feats of creativity our community will finally achieve. We’re looking forward to hearing their direct feedback as we move into the collaborative phase of the game’s development during Early Access.”

“We have laid a foundation with Kerbal Space Program 2 that we plan to continue to build upon for many years to come,” said Michael Cook, Franchise Director or Kerbal Space Program 2 at Private Division. “Early Access is just the start of our journey. We will launch multiple big feature updates ultimately culminating in our 1.0 release.”  

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Intercept games has plans to release multiple features in the months to come after early access, including:

  • Next-Generation Technology: Players will unlock future technologies, allowing them to build at larger scales and use new fuels and propulsion systems. These capabilities will enable players to venture beyond the limits of the original Kerbolar System and into unexplored star systems.
  • Colonies: A highly requested and anticipated feature for the sequel, players will be able to locate and extract valuable resources, then use those materials to build custom bases on distant celestial bodies or in deep space. Colonies not only present their own physics challenge in construction, but these habitations are a necessary stepping stone to furthering deep space exploration and beyond.
  • Interstellar TravelKSP2 will present players with the challenge of interstellar navigation. They must venture across the gulf of interstellar space inside fusion-powered megaships capable of incredible speeds. Upon arrival at new star systems, they will be able to deploy landers and rovers to explore the planets waiting to be discovered. 
  • Multiplayer: Players will be able to both cooperate and compete with friends to explore space together and achieve historic milestones in their own space race. Multiplayer unlocks endless potential for adventures, completists, and “unexpected” vehicle collisions.
  • Modding: Kerbal fans are keen to share the plethora of mods available for the original game, and Intercept Games plans to make the sequel even more mod-friendly by releasing additional developments aimed to support the modding community. 
  • And more: There will be plenty of quality-of-life improvements, bug fixes, features, and more as the game develops in Early Access, so stay tuned for updates. 
kerbal space program 2 roadmap

Kerbal Space Program 2 is now available in PC Early Access on Steam, Epic Games Store, Private Division Store, and other digital storefronts for an introductory price of $49.99.

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