Lance Reddick Has Passed Away, Destiny Fans Pay Tribute In-game

Lance Reddick, the actor known for roles in John Wick (Charon), Destiny (Commander Zavala), Horizon Zero Dawn/Forbidden West (Sylens), and much more, has passed away at the age of 60.

Many reports from the likes of TMZ and Variety have surfaced earlier today, saying that his death was due to “natural causes.” Naturally, an outpouring of messages has made its way online to pay tribute to the fallen star.

“Lance Reddick was an iconic presence on screen, in Destiny, and most importantly, in person,” shared the Bungie social media account. Reddick played an iconic role in the game, bringing to life one of the most beloved characters with his passion and voice that will be remembered forever.

As such, the Destiny community has started gathering around his NPC, Commander Zavala, to pay tribute. A Destiny player myself, Reddick’s iconic voice will always ring in my memories, and it’s indeed sad to know that the world, not just Destiny, has lost a role model.

Rest in Peace, Lance Reddick.

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