Rockstar Reportedly Shelves Plans for Red Dead Redemption and GTA4 Remasters

Rockstar Games has reportedly shelved plans for Red Dead Redemption and GTA4 Remasters to focus on GTA6.

According to Tez2, a well-known leaker and information source on Rockstar products, both of these projects were planned for a remaster but have now been pushed back due to the reception of the GTA Trilogy that was released late last year.

“The decision to greenlight more depended on the initial reception of the Trilogy.” Tez2 shares. He further clarifies that these remasters are not in production but have been “in the ideas phase” for years.

Kotaku has published a similar report, saying that “Rockstar Games is currently focused on developing Grand Theft Auto 6, and has shelved all remakes following the poor reception of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition” as confirmed by their sources.

Kotaku also mentions that the possibility of seeing these remasters is still possible, but may happen after GTA6.

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red dead redemption screenshot

Early this year, GTA6 was confirmed to be in active development, and while no other specifics have been announced, Rockstar will share details with everyone once they are ready.

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