New Company of Heroes 3 Trailer Highlights Console Edition Key Features

Relic Entertainment and SEGA have revealed a brand-new trailer for the console edition of Company of Heroes 3, which shows new console gameplay and some of the game’s key features in action.

The trailer provides an overview of the game’s key features, like Full Tactical Pause, which is a particularly effective tool for console players. It allows them to pause the action, read the situation, queue their commands, and unleash devastating precision plays. The turn-based Dynamic Campaign set in Italy, allows players to take their time, plot their moves and forge their path to victory.

Company of Heroes’ renowned boots-on-the-ground storytelling will bring players to the Mediterranean Theatre of War where they can experience two different Campaigns, unlock authentic new tactics, four distinct factions, and a wealth of untold stories from World War II.

Company of Heroes 3 on consoles offers players a custom UI, full gamepad support, and special features that allow them to play at their own pace. The user interface has been adapted for gamepads to ensure a fun and immersive experience for all.

Company of heroes 3 screenshot 4

Company of Heroes 3 is launching for PS5 and Xbox Series on May 30, 2023.

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