Whimsical MMORPG Seal-M Launching on May 11 in the Philippines

PLAYWITH Games has announced that the classic MMORPG Seal-M is finally launching on May 11, 2023, for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Pre-registration is still ongoing, and players that sign up for the game until April 30, 2023, will have a chance to bring home the following prizes:

  • Apple iPad Pro 11′ (4gen) – 1 winner
  • Apple AirPods Pro (2gen) – 3 winners
  • Google Play or Apple store gift card $10 – 200 winners
  • Gacha Box X 1 (reward value up to $100) – all participants
seal-m pre-registration launch event banner

To qualify and earn 100 entries, players must accomplish the following tasks:

  1. Pre-register for Seal-M SEA – 50 entries
  2. Follow on Facebook – 20 entries
  3. Visit and Subscribe on YouTube – 20 entries
  4. Enter and Join Discord – 10 entries

This latest release is a fully upgraded experience, promising players with better graphics, thrilling gameplay, and an upgraded Hit skill that will keep the excitement flowing.

The game topped the Apple App Store charts in both popularity and sales when it was first released in Taiwan last year, and with over 200,000 registrants during its pre-registration event, it now brings the wonderful experience to more players across Southeast Asia and the Philippines.

Seal-m pre-registration banner main

For more information about Seal-M, please visit the following pages:

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