Black Desert SEA Reveals New Trailer for Upcoming Expansion ‘Land of the Morning Light’ 

Pearl Abyss has revealed the new trailer for its upcoming expansion in Black Desert SEA, Land of the Morning Light.

The upcoming Land of the Morning Light for Black Desert SEA is a mythical new region that is strongly inspired by Joseon, the last dynastic kingdom of Korea. The expansion was first launched in Korea and drew great attention, delivering a familiar environment and nostalgic memories of the era to Korean Adventurers.  

it’s undeniable that the region features unique terrain, housings, and vegetation that are reminiscent of the time. More intriguing details for the upcoming Land of the Morning Light expansion will be unveiled on a weekly basis. 

black desert sea land of the morning light key art

To celebrate the first-ever footage of the new expansion, coupons and events await players in the game. Starting today, Adventurers can obtain up to 21 days of Blessings of Kamasylve, Secret Books of Old Moon, and Value Packs, just by logging into the game every day. All Adventurers are encouraged to take this lucrative opportunity to prepare for the new expansion. 

Also, Adventurers can acquire “Centennial Wild Ginseng” and “7-year Wild Ginseng” through the Gathering activity. Emulating its real-life preciousness and rarity, Centennial Wild Ginseng can be sold for 10 million Silver. The 7-year Wild Ginseng increases 50 Life Skill Mastery and increases Life EXP by 20% for 30 minutes. 

Last but not least, Black Desert SEA Adventurers can acquire a lucrative coupon through THIS PAGE, which includes a pet Haetae, and a Choose Your 7-Day Box. 

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