Hollow Knight: Silksong Has Been Delayed

Team Cherry has announced that the highly-anticipated Hollow Knight: Silksong has been delayed outside of its previously planned first-half of 2023 release date.

Matthew Griffin, who is working on Marketing & Publishing for Team Cherry, published a short update about the game on Twitter, saying that the game has “gotten quite big” and they need more time to make the game “as good as we can.”

We had planned to release in the 1st half of 2023, but development is still continuing. We’re excited by how the game is shaping up, and it’s gotten quite big, so we want to take the time to make the game as good as we can. Expect more details from us once we get closer to release.

The previous target of releasing in the first half of 2023 is not in effect anymore, but with the various challenges in developing games over the past few years, the general sentiment is to give these hardworking devs all the time they need to push out a quality product.

Fans of Hollow Knight: Silksong will have to wait a bit for more information as the team will share more details “once we get closer to release.”

Are you looking forward to getting Hollow Knight: Silksong when it comes out?

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