Alan Wake 2 Impresses With Chilling Survival-horror Gameplay Trailer

One of the more impressive showings during the recently concluded Summer Game Fest program, Alan Wake 2 is building up the hype toward its launch in October by featuring a fantastic gameplay trailer that gives us a closer look at protagonist Saga Anderson.

In an interview with Sam Lake, the gameplay and narrative details for Alan Wake 2 are laid bare for everyone to see. Because of a slew of ritualistic murders, investigator Saga Anderson has been sent to discover what’s behind these killings that are plaguing the small town of Bright Falls in the Pacific Northwest. As she discovers more about the mystery, she finds clues that she’s in a narrative written by missing writer, Alan Wake.

Seen in classic Alan Wake fashion, we get a first look at Saga’s gameplay as she defends herself from one of the entities encountered. Conventional weapons don’t work, but the light damages them. Flashlights and light sources weaken the enemy as Saga goes for the kill. Locked areas with shadows can also be opened with the same strategy as she collects clues towards her investigation; in this case a tattooed heart.

We look forward to more reveals as Alan Wake 2 marches towards an October 17th release on the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and the Epic Games Store.

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