Philippines Bags 2nd Place at Pokemon Unite World Championship Series 2023

OMO Esports has been crowned the second-best team in the world at the recently concluded Pokemon Unite World Championship Series 2023.

Composed of Luisss, Tempezt, Shua, Jrabsent, and Miva, Asia Pacific representatives OMO Esports faced off against Luminosity Gaming of North America in the grand finals. While our Philippine team fought gallantly, Luminosity showed their mastery and dominance as they cruised to a 3-0 victory.

The Philippine contingient kicked off their campaign in the winners bracket but fell at the hands of Luminosity in the semifinals, 2-0. This started off their miraculous lower bracket run against team Akjil (2-0), MJK (2-1), and Oyasumi Makuro (2-1) to set up a rematch with Luminosity in the grand finals.

pokemon unite world championship series 2023 grand finals

Going up against the top teams in the world and placing second is clearly not an easy feat, and despite losing to a stronger opponent, this certainly puts the Philippines in the map as one of the best contenders in Pokemon Unite.

You can watch all of the championship matches below:

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