Crunchyroll Game Vault Offers Free Games for Premium Members

Crunchyroll has announced that it will offer games to premium subscribers through a new feature called Crunchyroll Game Vault.

Crunchyroll Game Vault provides Mega Fan and Ultimate Fan members unlimited access to a constantly growing library of premium mobile games specifically for fans of anime and anime-inspired entertainment, with no ads and no in-app purchases.

This new feature brings the mobile debuts of the tactical action game Captain Velvet: The Jump+ Dimensions; beat-em-up action game River City Girls; and single-player RPG Wolfstride to iOS and Android, available free and exclusively on Crunchyroll Game Vault.

The critically acclaimed indie visual novel Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery and the food-themed puzzle title inbento are also now available for free.

river city girls cropped

“Crunchyroll Game Vault is a curated, focused library of premium titles for the global anime fan that loves gaming, adding even more value to Crunchyroll memberships by connecting fans with anime-infused content,” said Terry Li, Executive Vice President of Emerging Business at Crunchyroll. “With Crunchyroll Game Vault, we’re also looking forward to working with international developers to bring their titles to mobile for the first time or introduce existing mobile games to the Crunchyroll community as part of an amazing line-up.” 

“WayForward and Arc System Works are thrilled to be teaming up with Crunchyroll Game Vault for the mobile version of River City Girls,” said River City Girls director Adam Tierney of WayForward. “The anime-style visuals, manga-like cutscenes, and catchy synthpop music all should feel right at home for Crunchyroll premium members. We hope the Crunchyroll fans enjoy visiting the interesting locations of River City (and beating the snot out of a few dozen baddies while you’re here).”

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Are you going to try out this new feature?

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