Tekken 8 Reveals New Character Victor Chevalier, Adds Devil Jin, Zafina, Lee, and Alisa

Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia has unveiled Victor Chevalier, the newest character to join the Tekken 8 roster.

Victor Chevalier is a living legend who founded the UN’s independent forces. Descended from a lineage of distinguished knights, with a dream to rescue those in need.  He followed the footsteps of his father and enlisted in the French Navy before joining the UN following his will to save more people.

Victor is voiced by famous French actor Vincent Cassel, a long-time Tekken player, and also the first time that he has been involved in creating the voice of a video game character.

“I’ve discovered Tekken in the 1990s and I’ve really started picking it up when Eddy Gordo was introduced. He was doing capoeira and back then, so did I, so I was only playing with him”, said Vincent Cassel. “What I like about Victor Chevalier is the fact that it’s a French character in such an internationally known game. In addition to that he is very sophisticated and promotes, through how he is and how he dresses, a certain idea of the French elegance. This, and the fact that I had been called to voice Victor led me to be interested in the character.”

tekken 8 vincent cassel

Additionally, Tekken 8 will also be adding fan-favorite fighters Devil Jin, Zafina, Lee Chaolan, and Alisa Bosconovitch.

Here are their character descriptions for Tekken 8:

Devil Jin

Devil Jin returns as the “Blank Wings of Ruin,” Jin’s demonic side coming from the devil gene in his blood and the embodiment of him living with his sins. Devil Jin’s appearance matches his name, and his fighting skills are beyond human capabilities.

Lee Chaolan

Lee Chaolan fights with Martial Arts, but his true power comes from the Violet Suit, a one-of-a-kind battle suit that uses sophisticated technology and unleashes attacks that reflect his “Silver haired-Demon” persona.

Alisa Bosconovitch

Alisa Bosconovitch is the “Destroying Automaton” developed by the brilliant scientist Dr. Bosconovitch. Alisa’s fighting skills come from her high-mobility flight suit and her arsenal of technological weaponry.


The “Mystic Stargazer” Zafina brings back her unique fight style rooted in her warrior heritage and her spiritual abilities as a mystical astrologist. Her methods are as old as her lineage, using Ancient Assassination Arts in her attacks.

Tekken 8 is scheduled to release on January 26, 2024 for PS5, Xbox Series, and PC.

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