Final Fantasy XVI Echoes of the Fallen Review

Final Fantasy XVI Echoes of the Fallen Review
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Sneak Peek
  • Release Date: December 8, 2023
  • Platforms: PS5
  • Genre: Action RPG
  • Similar Games: Final Fantasy XVI, Final Fantasy VII Remake
  • Price: starts at $9.99

Surprise! Shadow dropping during The Game Awards, one of our favorites of 2023, Final Fantasy XVI, receives its first DLC: Echoes of the Fallen. In this brief adventure by Clive and the gang, they receive word that dark crystals are being traded in Port Isolde. As they investigate, the group finds out that the source of the dusk shards is located in a Fallen tower where the Blight began.

What lies within? Time to return to the shoes of Clive Rosfield and embark on the newest DLC: Echoes of the Fallen!

Tower Defense!

Echoes of the Fallen can only be accessed after you’ve unlocked Origin on the map and have completed the sidequests: Where There’s A Will and Priceless. For players looking for a higher difficulty, take note that this expansion is a late-game quest where enemy levels start at level 47. Final Fantasy mode players will start at level 94. So expect some pushback!

After 30 minutes of cut scenes and a wild goose chase, you’ll be able to access the meat of the mission, which is exploring the Scalespire. The Scalespire tower is divided into three parts as you traverse them at length, but there are no actual puzzles as the traversal is quite linear. A mid-boss and an area boss guard the end of each area with quick battles with regular mobs, so it’s a pretty straightforward affair.

Echoes of the Fallen Dungeon

Echoes of the Fallen doesn’t exactly introduce new enemy types as most of the opponents you will fight are variants of existing mobs you’ve already faced in the past. Goblins cast a new type of status magic called Hearthfire, which defends them from melee attacks. Attacking goblins with this enchantment will damage you if you attack with a melee strike, switching up your combos.

As you progress to each area, you can collect new gear as well as a set of Fallen Bits that provide status benefits if you meet certain conditions. Surely, it will introduce a new strategy for players looking to improve their game.

Echoes of the Fallen Combat

Done Too Soon

As you reach the top of the tower, the crowning moment of Echoes of the Fallen will give you a bit of a considerable challenge. You’ll come face-to-face with the Omega Weapon! Next to Ultima, it will be the hardest boss you will face if you come unprepared.

Having two forms, a banger of a boss track, and enough bullet hell projectiles to fill the screen; I’d say Omega almost covers the admission price for Echoes of the Fallen. For sure, players who want to challenge themselves can challenge Omega on Final Fantasy Mode. However, be warned that even on a Story Focus difficulty, Omega can give you a run for your money.

Echoes of the Fallen Omega

As you complete the journey, I would say that Echoes of the Fallen could’ve used another 1-2 hours of extended content. We could’ve used a couple of related side quests with the new characters introduced, maybe new bounty monsters to hunt.

Overall, the story is quite lackluster in terms of reveals and revelations, and the new characters are mostly forgettable. It feels a bit overpriced as a simple extra mission, despite the addition of an awesome encounter with Omega. You’ll probably spend 2-3 hours to finish this DLC, which is an awfully quick runtime that passes by too quickly for our liking.

What We Liked:

  • An added side story and dungeon to provide a bit more mileage to Final Fantasy XVI.
  • The Omega fight is iconic, complete with its unique killer soundtrack.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • 2-3 hours is way too short.
  • No new enemies or game types that differentiate from the main game.
  • Could’ve had more content for the price point.

Verdict: Wait For It…


Echoes of the Fallen taken as a part of the whole Final Fantasy XVI experience is something of a must-buy if you’re looking to extend your experience and continue the momentum of the game. However, it is much too short with minimal content, making it a glorified side quest when all is said and done.

The fight with Omega almost makes it worth the journey, but with the lack of content, it’s hard to justify the cover price. While it’s hard to recommend on its own, it could be said that the meatier DLC is yet to come, making it an excuse to purchase the bundle.

*Final Fantasy XVI Echoes of the Fallen was reviewed on a PS5 with a review code provided by the publisher.

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