Tactical Extraction Shooter ‘Exoborne’ Announced for PC and Consoles

Level Infinite and Sharkmob have announced their upcoming original tactical open-world extraction shooter, Exoborne, during The Game Awards 2023.

“Exoborne is not just a game to us, it’s so much more than that!” says Petter Mannerfelt, Creative Director at Sharkmob. “This is a long time in the making. We are excited to finally reveal it to the world and hear what people think about both the universe and the thrilling, action-packed playground we have created.”

“Since the founding of the studio we have had the ambition to create our own original game concepts and we are now one step closer to releasing the first of two currently in development,” adds Fredrik Rundqvist, CEO of Sharkmob.

exoborne concept art 1

Here’s an overview of the game:

A broken world to explore and stories to unravel

Humanity is facing an unprecedented global collapse after the failure of its last hope, Project Rebirth – turning our world into a hostile place. You will explore a part of the southeastern US, being torn apart by brutal forces of nature. Public events, ever-changing threats by the world itself, and risky missions let players write their own stories each time they enter the world of Exoborne – like having an epic gunfight in a tornado.

Exo-Rigs and epic tech

Players take on the role of Reborn, extraordinary survivors fitted with an implant enabling them to use the powerful Exo-Rigs. Equipped with this epic technology, they thrive in a world plagued by warring factions, deadly elemental chaos, and other hostile Reborn. Utilizing their Exo-Rigs abilities allows players to survive the fierce forces of nature and channel their might in combat and movement, making it the ultimate apocalyptic power fantasy.

When you are what you carry, what do you take with you?

Big risks can yield big rewards, and that has never been more true than when players enter the heart of a storm to find the best possible tech – but will they be able to bring it back home? Crafting new items and gear with remnants of technology players find in the world will allow them to tackle unforeseen challenges. Meanwhile, the stakes will constantly be raised, and the fear of losing it all is constantly present. Exoborne offers different levels of difficulty as well as the promise of challenging and gratifying end-game content.

exoborne concept art 3


  • Forces of Nature fight through elemental chaos into the world that constantly changes the
  • Exo-Rigs unlock powerful abilities, not only enhancing vertical movement but also the raw
    powers of nature to the player’s advantage when chosen wisely
  • Verticality is key in a world twisted upside down, allowing for all new exploration and
    combat experiences
  • Crafting and Customising allow players to truly survive their own way, unlocking new gear
    and equipment as they progress through the world of Exoborne
  • Public events and missions raise the stakes and opportunities, allowing players to choose
    their own challenge
  • Extraction gameplay intensifies the thrill and reaches a peak at the end of the players’
    session – risk it all or wait for a better opportunity – the choice is up to you
  • Thrilling evolving story builds the stage for future content updates and mysteries in the
    world to discover
  • Premium game with regular live-ops updates
exoborne concept art 2

What do you think of Exoborne?

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