Local retailers are already asking interested consumers to sign up for PlayStation 5 updates

News about the PlayStation 5 has been trickling in and we’ve been treated to what the console and the games would look like. Now, local retailers are slowly preparing to give customers updates as well.

Retailers like Datablitz, GameXtreme, and Gameline PH have posted links where you can register your interest and receive news about the PlayStation 5 as it becomes available. Not to be mistaken with “pre-orders”!


Other retailers like Game One PH / i-Tech have not posted anything yet but we expect them to do so in the next few days.

This does not mean that pre-orders are up already. At most, this is probably just to gauge interest on the upcoming console launch and probably to make an estimate as to how many units will need to be shipped locally to fulfill demand.

In any case, sign up and register your interest to get all the latest news about the PlayStation 5 from your local retailers!

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