Ranida Games’ PBA Basketball Slam: Arcade Edition is coming soon on Steam

Ranida Games has just announced that PBA Basketball Slam: Arcade Edition will be released in August 2020 on Steam Early Access. Arcade Edition is the PC version of the mobile game PBA Philippine Slam 2020! – Basketball.

PBA Basketball Slam: Arcade Edition is a 2-on-2 arcade-style basketball game inspired by the 90s basketball arcade games NBA Jam and Street Dunk. It features epic moves, high-flying dunks, no fouls, and a lot more exaggerated gameplay. The game also has Taglish commentary and gives players the option to choose their own game shoes, arena, and collect a variety of trophies.

The Arcade Edition will have multiplayer up to four players via local multiplayer, play with friends, or remotely via Steam’s remote Play Together. The game has full keyboard and controller support in addition to Campaign Mode and Quick Game.

“Bringing Basketball Slam to PC will allow more players to enjoy the game and will also allow us to enhance the game further,” says Ben Banta, CEO of Ranida Games.

PBA Basketball Slam: Arcade Edition can now be wishlisted on Steam.

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