Civilization: Eras & Allies Soft-launches in the Philippines and Indonesia

2K has announced that Civilization: Eras & Allies is soft-launching in Indonesia and the Philippines on March 12, 2024.

Soft-launched in select territories months ago, the game is ready to find new audiences and is now available to play as an early-access title in these two new locations.

“As part of our continued efforts to explore and expand into new audiences, Civilization: Eras & Allies is starting its soft launch today in limited territories within Southeast Asia, starting with Indonesia and the Philippines,” says a 2K spokesperson.

“Civilization: Eras & Allies is a new standalone free-to-play mobile 4X social strategy game, featuring exciting and unique cross-era gameplay mechanics designed with the mobile social strategy gamer in mind.”

For fans of the franchise looking forward to the next big thing from Firaxis, rest assured that the company is working on the next mainline game in the franchise despite the release of this mobile iteration.

“As we announced last year, Firaxis Games is in active development on the next iteration of the legendary Civilization franchise. We are working with an external partner specializing in mobile social strategy games to develop Civilization: Eras & Allies.”

civilization eras & allies key art

Are you looking forward to playing “one more turn” on your mobile devices? Let us know!

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