Brocula is a Vampiric Life Sim from Solo Developer Destroyer Doggo

Brocula is a life management sim from Destroyer Doggo, a solo indie developer studio run by Prateek Jadhwani who has been working on it for the last four years.

It tells the story of a vampire who wakes up 500 years later to find that his estate and influence has been taken by the humans who have built a town around his castle. He now has to take part-time jobs and restore his once near-godlike influence from 500 years ago.

Brocula Setting

Brocula exudes Moonlighter and Dave the Diver vibes with its humorous panache and tongue-in-cheek vibe. The gameplay loop is simple, where players will live each day as Brocula, taking on part-time jobs to earn a living and paying off their debt to reclaim their castle that has been repossessed by the city. As the day goes by, you expend your stamina and earn your keep.

While you’re in your castle, you can build simple structures to help you restore your castle to its former glory. However, as your resources are stretched thin, you will need to work in different part-time jobs that you get from interacting with the townsfolk, like working in a garage. The money you earn will be used to purchase tools and repay your debts.

Brocula Gameplay

Brocula’s gameplay loop revolves around earning and using money through a variety of other activities like tending to your crops, cultivating a farm, fishing, cooking, and so much more.

Mundane chores are not the only thing players will have to deal with, as Brocula will have the chance to manage his cult, restore the once-forgotten church, and conduct regular sermons to gather followers. There’s also the everchanging forest, a dungeon filled with creatures and treasure that’s all there for the taking.

Brocula ExploreBrocula Explore

Brocula is teeming with activities that promise over 40 hours of gameplay, which will certainly keep players busy as they become slaves to capitalism.

Brocula is currently in development.

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