ID@Xbox Ramps up in Asia, Features 4 Promising Titles Like ‘Fallen Tear’ From The Philippines

ID@Xbox is always hard at work, featuring indies around the world and looking for the next big hit. The program saw the likes of Tunic, Nobody Saves the Universe, The Artful Escape, and Death’s Door, just to name a few, and now Asia is the prime target.

The region has always been a hotbed of talent, and with titles slowly gaining worldwide recognition like A Space for the Unbound, it’s about time we look out for more upcoming prospects that could make it big in this tough landscape.

ID@Xbox recently featured 4 titles from the region, and here’s a quick look at each of them.

ID@Xbox Digital Sessions Asia

Fallen Tear: The Ascension (CMD Studios, Philippines)

Developed by CMD Studios, this action-packed game embarks on an epic adventure set in a vast magical world, where players fight magical beasts, defy corrupt gods, and face a multitude of challenges in an attempt to restore balance to the world. Also featuring hand-drawn 2D animation, the CMD team has worked on AAA titles in the past and is now bringing indie titles to life through Fallen Tear: The Ascension.

InKonbini (Nagai Industries, Japan)

Nagai Industries announces its immersive new game, InKonbini, which is set in a 1990’s small town Japanese convenience store. This accessible choice-driven shop assistant simulator helps users explore and appreciate the wonders of day-to-day life while conveying the idea that every single moment that comes is worth savouring and the only thing constant in life is change.

Brocula (Destroyer Doggo, India)

Game developer Prateek Jadhwani, who runs Destroyer Doggo, is a solo indie developer studio that has been working on Brocula, an upcoming title set to release soon. The game showcases the enchanting journey as Brocula, a vampire awakening after centuries. Players can play as Brocula to earn money through part-time jobs, explore the town, salvage your castle, and enhance your vampire skills.

Go-Go Town (Prideful Sloth, Australia)

Australian-based developers Prideful Sloth announces Go-Go-Town, a town-building simulator where players take on the duties of a mayor as they turn a rundown town into a bustling tourist hub. In the game, players can construct shops, hire staff and attract tourists, all while managing infrastructure and avoiding catastrophes.

id@xbox digital sessions asia 2024

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