Magic: The Gathering ‘Outlaws of Thunder Junction’ Set Now Available

Wizards of the Coast has released Outlaws of Thunder Junction, the latest set for the world-renowned trading card game Magic: The Gathering.

Here’s everything you need to know about Magic: The Gathering ‘Outlaws of Thunder Junction’ Set.

Magic: The Gathering ‘Outlaws of Thunder Junction’ Overview


Welcome to Thunder Junction, a lawless plane of brazen outlaws and warped morals. It all happened when the mysterious Omenpaths opened, leading villains from across the Multiverse to a new frontier of opportunity. The prize every gang ruthlessly seeks? The treasures of Maag Taranau (“The Vault”). With the wayfaring villain, Oko, rustling up his heist-crew featuring the Multiverse’s most wanted, it’s up to his son Kellan to either beat ‘em, or join ‘em.


Criminals run amok in Thunder Junction. So much so that creature types such as Rogues, Assassins, Pirates, Warlocks, or Mercenaries are collectively referred to as the batched term, ‘Outlaw’. But that’s not the only new mechanic for you to look out for, partner: the more devious-minded criminals will Plot, exiling a card face-up for its plot cost to cast on a later turn without paying its mana cost. For villains of a less subtle nature, Spree grants instants and sorceries several dastardly and chaotic effects that can be paid with an additional cost. Finally, an outlaw cannot ride into the sunset without their Mount. These can be activated by tapping any number of creatures a player controls with total power equal to or greater than the Mount creature’s Saddle value. They will be saddled until the end of the turn, triggering powerful additional abilities.


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It’s outlaw versus outlaw in Thunder Junction, and the winner won’t play by the rules. Whenever a player targets an opponent or their hand, permanents, spells, library or graveyard, it’s classed as committing a Crime. These are the basis for the Breaking News Bonus Sheet, a collection of iconic reprints themed exclusively to the set. Players can score one Breaking News card in every Play Booster pack, with the added chance of earning a textured foil version in a Collector Booster pack.


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Gangs from all over will risk life and limb to uncover the mysteries of The Vault, a subset of Standard-legal cards in this set. Players who uncover The Vault’s contents gain access to 30 different Mythic Rares, also appearing in striking Vault Frame and Raised Foil treatments.


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Magic: The Gathering Outlaws of Thunder Junction features special card treatments of stunning variety. Borderless Art cards make a return in a selection of Rares and Mythic Rares, alongside 10 Special Guests that are available in foil and nonfoil as part of The List. Starring Thunder Junction’s most iconic cards, these can be found in Play Boosters and Collector Boosters. 

To embrace the spirit of the frontier, Magic: The Gathering Outlaws of Thunder Junction also reveals breathtaking Full-Art Basic Lands that capture the set’s iconic themes. Thunder Junction may be overrun with crime, but its scenery sure is inspiring!

And finally, for Thunder Junction’s most notorious, the Wanted Poster showcase treatment. These cards are exclusive to Oko’s gang of the Multiverse’s most iconic villains, Vraska, Kellan, Annie Flash, Rakdos and Tinybones, and can be found in Play and Collector Boosters.

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Magic the Gathering: Outlaws of Thunder Junction is now available and includes Play Boosters, Collector Boosters, Commander Decks, Prerelease Packs, and Bundles.

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