Get a Legendary Prickles Costume just by logging into Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Mediatonic surely did not expect such a surge of players when Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout first launched. As such, the servers experienced problems, which hindered players from even connecting to the game. In a way, its a good problem, resulting in Fall Guys becoming an overnight success, raking in millions of players over the past week.

As a show of thanks for bearing with the server problems, Mediatonic are offering players with a Legendary Prickles costume and 5,000 Kudos!

All you’ll need to do is log into the game and you’ll be getting your reward automatically. Oh, one condition, you’ll need to have logged into the game before midnight tonight as per the developers. Of course, by “Midnight”, we don’t know exactly what time that is when converted to local Philippine time but rest assured, if you’ve ever played the game throughout launch until today, you’ll surely get the reward.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is free for PlayStation Plus subscribers this August!

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