Panzer Dragoon and Shinsekai surprises with an eShop release as Arms, ToCS III and Bravely Default II demos appear

There was quite a number of announcements during that not so mini Nintendo Direct that took everyone by surprise. One of which was the eShop release of the Sega Saturn classic, Panzer Dragoon, which you can get starting today.

Once an Apple Arcade gem, Capcom also released Shinsekai: Into the Depths with a surprise reveal.

As far as demos go, Trails of Cold Steel III and Arms both receive demos which you can start downloading as of this writing.

Arguably the biggest demo that everyone is looking forward to is for Bravely Default II, which is the… Third game after the confusing sequence of Bravely Default and Bravely Second.

Being a Switch owner has indeed proven to be fun, even in the midst of the quarantine situation. Fun, but with a very empty wallet.

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