Sweet deals for cheap in Humble 2K’s Game Together Bundle

Humble Bundle has been known to give out some awesome gaming bundles while at the same time supporting various charities from their sales. They previously held a Capcom Mega Bundle and a Conquer COVID-19 bundle among others and this time around, have a healthy dose of 2K titles including Spec Ops, Borderlands, and Bioshock!

Humble 2K’s Game Together Bundle will have spending across 3 tiers of games, unlocking a tier by paying a minimum amount, with PHP1,025 as the highest tier that will unlock some great games like NBA 2K20, Borderlands The Handsome Collection, Bioshock The Collection, and much much more.

This is a great way to build up your gaming collection for cheap, especially since we are currently facing an unusual circumstance which is leading us to stay at home. Promo ends on April 29, so hurry and don’t miss out on the chance to get these great games for cheap!

Know of a better way to spend time apart from playing games the whole day? There is no other way!

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