The Last of Us 2 and Iron Man VR delayed indefinitely due to COVID-19 crisis

As official as it can get, The Last of Us 2 along with Iron Man VR have been delayed due to the logistics problems that the COVID-19 outbreak has been causing. The Final Fantasy 7 Remake situation has obviously made some people very happy but at the same time, caused this “walking on eggshells” moment where possible spoilers abound at every social media corner, which Sony and Naughty Dog would want to avoid.

The official PlayStation Twitter account has posted this update, much to the dismay of fans, as we would expect:

Naughty Dog, at the same time, has published an official statement as well on their Twitter account:

It is reassuring to hear though that development is nearly complete. As per Naughty Dog’s statement, they mentioned that “The good news is, we’re nearly done with development of The Last of Us Part II. We are in the midst of fixing our final bugs.”

The operative word is “Indefinite” meaning at the moment, there will be no specific date as to when the game will be released. It could be in June, July, September, November, maybe even a PS5 launch title for all we know, that’s just the way “Indefinite” works.

For now, that’s one less thing to play when May arrives. As funny as it may sound, a game about a mutant fungus outbreak is now delayed due to a similar viral outbreak. You cannot make this s*** up.

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