The PS5 DualSense Controller will still have a headphone jack

Sometimes, it’s the simplest things that matter. After a casually massive (is there even such a thing?) reveal of the DualSense, the new controller for the PS5, social media exploded into a frenzy. Mic Array, Haptic Feedback, “Create” button… all these new buzzwords but a more simpler thing wasn’t quite noticeable from the get go. Will the DualSense have a headphone jack ala DS4?

Have no fear. As confirmed by Toshimasa Aoki, product manager at PlayStation, the DualSense will have a headphone jack.

Eagle eyed users will actually peep the jack at the bottom part of the controller image that was featured by PlayStation earlier but it’s good to know that it’s been explicitly confirmed by a reputable source.

Social media has been loving the DualSense so far, already creating loads of fan made designs for the controller which we wish would be official!

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