EA announces own digital event in June, promises world premieres and more.

With E3 2020 no longer happening, a lot of the slack has been picked up by publishers and other gaming companies to make the summer bearable. IGN, GameSpot, and Geoff Keighley each have their own event and now EA is joining the mix with EA Play.

Announced through their official Twitter Account, EA Play will be going digital on June 11 at 4PM PST, 7AM Philippine time of the following day.

EA Play used to be a satellite event happening alongside E3, similar to the conferences Microsoft, Ubisoft, and Sony have been holding on an annual basis and with this, EA will be transforming it into a digital event on its own, promising “World premieres, news and more!”

What can we expect from EA? Well, you can expect something FIFA related that’s for sure. Kidding aside, we’d love to hear more about that Anthem overhaul they’ve been planning for the game to see if it can actually be salvaged. Dragon Age is something we haven’t heard for quite a while now, so here’s hoping.

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