The Last of Us 2 has gone gold, full speed ahead for June 19 release date

Unless something totally unexpected happens, there shouldn’t be any more reason to delay The Last of Us 2, the next installment in the acclaimed franchise.

Director Neil Druckmann himself confirmed the status of the game, stating that it has officially gone gold and that it is ready for distribution, more than a month ahead of its scheduled release of June 19.

Going “gold” simply means that Naughty Dog are happy with the current version of the game and are confident enough to ship it out, ready to be played by the waiting public. Outside of any unusual circumstances, most everybody will get to play the game by its release date.

Following the leak, The Last of Us 2 pre-orders are now back up for digital and physical copies but you’ll need to prepare for it as it will take up 100GB of space on your PS4.

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