Get a limited edition Gunpla only from the Collectors edition of Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS. Maxiboost ON

The game may sound like a mouthful, but if you’re a Gunpla collector, you’re going to want to get used to it because there’s a limited edition figure that you can only get by purchasing the Collectors Edition of the upcoming game from Bandai Namco.

Check it out below:

*The design is for illustration purposes, which may differ from the actual product. Contents and specifications may be subjected to change without prior notice

This is the HG 1/144 Extreme Gundam & Eclipse-F Parts (EXVS. 10th ANNIVERSARY COLOR Ver.) set that can only be obtained with the Collectors Edition of the game according to the Bandai Namco Site. It helps that it actually looks pretty effing cool!

Stocks will be limited so it would be wise to check with your favorite local retailers if they will be bringing in this particular edition.

A “Premium Sound” edition will also be available and will include all 33 songs that were only in the arcade version of the game.

Starting July 20, open access sessions will be available to the public with the following schedule (note that start and end times may slightly vary):

  • June 20 11AM to June 21 11AM
  • June 27 11AM to June 28 11AM
  • July 4 11AM to July 5 11AM
  • July 11 11AM to July 12 11AM
  • July 18 11AM to July 19 11AM
  • July 25 11AM to July 26 11AM

During the open access sessions, there will be a total of 185 playable units across 36 stages and you can participate in 3 modes:

  • Player Match – A mode where you get to create and search for rooms by freely setting various conditions. Up to 18 players can enter and play online 2 vs 2 matchups.
  • Casual Match – A mode where you can easily play one online match.
  • Branch Battle – An offline mode where you choose which route you want and clear all 8 stages.

If you pre-order the digital version starting from June 20, you will be given a “plus authorization” bonus that will allow you to play for an extra 24 hours across the open access sessions schedule given above. Save data is not transferable from open access to the main game.

PlayStation Plus is not required to participate in the open access schedule.

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