A Lego Nintendo Entertainment System set is coming in August

Lego has teased something about ‘playing like never before’ and if some leaks are any indication, then a Lego Nintendo Entertainment System will be making its way to our shelves this August.

According to Hong Kong website VJ Gamer, the 71374 Nintendo Entertainment System Set is set to release in August that will comprise of 2,646 pieces, forming a CRT TV, a NES console with a controller, and some Mario ‘graphics’ on the screen. There’s also a wind up crank on the side to make the screen move along!

As you can see, it’s also a Nintendo licensed product, so collectors will be sure to get a kick out of this.

German website StoneWars also reports this leak, which is also said to work with the 71360 Adventures with Mario Starter Course, and will apparently cost 299.99 Euros, or around $340. That’s roughly around PHP17,000, which is a hefty price for collectors, but is probably worth all the nostalgia goodness that this set will bring, pixels and all.

Lego or Nintendo have not made any official announcements about this product, so we’ll have to wait and see if this is just an elaborate hoax to get our hopes up or something we can really look forward to next month.

Check out some more images below, from VJ Gamer.

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