Watch Dogs 2 is free right now for the PC

Ubisoft Forward treated us to great reveals about the biggest upcoming games from the company. There was a lot to look forward to, from Watch Dogs: Legion to Assassin’s Creed Valhalla to Far Cry 6, but of course Ubisoft had also given everyone a fantastic reason to watch and that was the chance to get a copy of Watch Dogs 2 for free.

Until technical issues started happening.

It turned out well for everyone, I suppose, because now the game is free to claim for EVERYONE, even if you didn’t tune into the show, which was especially hard to do in this region of the world because it happened at 3AM.

Simply head on over to the Ubisoft Forward site, click on “Redeem Now” on the Watch Dogs 2 section, and log into your Uplay account. Simple as 1 2 3 actually, and you didn’t even have to stay up until 3AM.

Additionally, there are in-game rewards such as a Ubisoft Forward Jacket for Watch Dogs: Legion as well as a Moonlight Axe for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, which you’ll receive as well once these games come out later this year.

Ubisoft didn’t specify any end date to the promo so it would be in your best interest to claim it while it’s still available!

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