Fancy a 24-karat gold PlayStation 5?

While everyone else is looking forward to the next generation of consoles to come and take our money this Holiday, there is a certain group of people who are looking forward to something more luxurious than your normal retail PlayStation 5.

How about a custom, gold plated PlayStation 5?

UK-based company ‘Truly Exquisite’ provides ‘Bespoke and stylish handmade luxury bespoke products’ for their clientele, ranging from luxury editions of the latest mobile phones, sneakers, and even cars. Their latest product, which you can register interest for, is the PlayStation 5.

You can choose to have your console decked out in 24K Gold, Platinum, or 18K Rose Gold options.

No price can be seen on the website but you can expect these to fetch for a hefty price tag. Our gamer instincts are quick to ask about overheating and fingerprint issues but then again, the target market for this type of product probably doesn’t care about any of those.

Not gonna lie, a rose gold option sounds pretty interesting.

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