Far Cry 3 Classic Edition is going for 90% off in the latest PlayStation Store sale

“Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?”

That’s a classic line from a classic game with one of the most memorable villains in franchise history. And it could be yours for a whopping 90% discount.

As part of the PlayStation Store July Savings Sale, Far Cry 3 Classic Edition is only $2.99, or around PHP150, that’s a deal that no one can refuse for arguably the best game in the series.

If by any chance that you got the season pass for Far Cry 5, then you should already have this but for most, $3 is a steal of a deal. Take note that this is not a remaster nor a remake, but it does have some performance improvements that make it worth playing.

This price is only available until July 23, so best hurry up and snag this amazing deal before it’s gone. Far Cry 4 is also on sale for $5.99 if you wish to continue the series.

This deal is available for the Region 1 / US account store and other select storefronts like the UK, but not in Region 3 / Asian account as other regional storefronts have a different lineup for their July savings sale.

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