Sleeping Dogs movie filming may start soon according to Donnie Yen

In case you didn’t know, 2 years ago, Donnie Yen posted an update over at his Facebook Page that a movie adaptation of the video game Sleeping Dogs is “in motion” but we haven’t heard anything about it for the longest time. Until now.

Over at his Weibo page (via Daniel Ahmad), it seems that the project is truly underway as his post implies that filming will be starting soon.

For the unaware, Sleeping Dogs is a Square Enix game from 2012 that tells the story of “Wei Shen, an undercover Chinese-American police officer on assignment to infiltrate the Sun On Yee Triad organization”. The gameplay is similar to Grand Theft Auto or Yakuza but with a focus on the story and combat mechanics.

While good videogame to movie adaptations are few and far in between, we’re hoping the magic is recreated here since it will be produced by the team behind Sonic the Hedgehog, dj2 Entertainment.

No news yet on when this film is scheduled for release or even details about the rest of the cast members.

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