Naughty Dog responds to the threats aimed at the talent and cast of The Last of Us Part II

The Last of Us Part II has launched to very extreme point of views. While some loved it, echoing majority of the media reviews that gave it perfect ratings, there is another group that completely loathes the game, arguing multiple points and calling out the game for having weak story, weak writing, and full of agenda.

It’s become so bad, that these people are targeting the cast and talent behind the game, sending over some hateful and shameful comments that is utterly sickening to see, and makes you wonder how human beings can do such things.

Trigger warning: some statements that you will see are hateful and uncalled for.

First, it was Laura Bailey, the voice behind Abby. The actress has been receiving a ton of messages on how they hate her so much because of what happened in the events of the game.

The director of the game Neil Druckmann is also on the receiving end of some very harsh statements, saying that while it’s ok to express thoughts about the game, there is absolutely no place for hateful and vile comments.

Naughty Dog has then officially issued a statement, condemning any form of harassment towards the team and cast of the game.

There’s no problem with not liking a game, or any form of entertainment for that matter, but it is deplorable to see how hateful some people can get over the most irrational of reasons. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and encouraged to have reasonable discussions but there is definitely no place in the world for such sickening behavior.

The Last of Us Part II is currently the fastest selling PS4 exclusive ever and holds a “must play” rating over at Metacritic, despite the serious review bombs that it has faced over the past few weeks.

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