Tactics Ogre: Reborn Listing Spotted on PlayStation Store

A listing for the yet-to-be-announced Tactics Ogre: Reborn has been spotted on the PlayStation Store, prompting speculation of a reveal soon.

The listing was available at this LINK but has since been updated, now only showing a “not available for purchase” notice.

You can see a saved screenshot of the listing below:

Look – Tactics Ogre: Reborn Listing
tactics ogre reborn screenshot

The listing actually doesn’t come with any information whatsoever, except some artwork that’s looking rather nice, getting us all excited for its eventual release.

Back in April, Square Enix trademarked the game in Japan, suggesting that a remaster or remake of Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together was on the way, based on the similarity of the artwork. With this accidental listing by Sony, it seems to be as good as confirmed already, but it would still be wise to wait for an official announcement from Square.

Are you looking forward to the release of this game?

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