Xbox Games Showcase scheduled for July 23

Microsoft has announced that they will be holding an event on July 23 that will showcase games for the Series X.

In a tweet, the showcase will be part of Summer Game Fest and is scheduled for July 23 at 9AM Pacific, or for us in the Philippines it will be 12AM of July 24.

After Sony’s presentation, Microsoft will look to impress and as such, we will expect to see their coveted first party lineup that is rumored to give Sony a run for its money. Halo Infinite will be part of the show, most likely Hellblade 2 as well, but expect a few surprises coming from Microsoft. Maybe a next-gen Fable? New IP’s from their latest studio acquisitions?

Phil Spencer was quoted saying that they feel good after seeing Sony’s presentation, and if there’s any time to make their games do the talking, it’ll be on July 23. Will they finally reveal a price to their next gen offering? Maybe even reveal the rumored “Lockhart”? We’ll know soon enough.

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