Capcom’s ‘Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective’ is Now Available

Capcom has announced that Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is now available on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and Steam.

Here’s an overview of the new features added to this release:

First released in 2010, Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, the masterpiece mystery adventure game from the mind of Ace Attorney’s Shu Takumi, returns with beautiful high-resolution graphics and all-new features to enhance gameplay on modern consoles.

Graphic resolution and frame rate were improved to match with modern devices. To improve gaming experience, the user interface has been consolidated into one screen for more comfortable gameplay.

The game comes in 9 languages, including the newly-added Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), and Korean. The enthralling tale of death, life, and lost memories, with using “Ghost” and “Trick” to unravel the mystery, has been revived in high resolution!

All 37 tracks have been rearranged to breathe new life into Ghost Trick by the legendary musician Yasumasa Kitagawa, composer of the Great Ace Attorney! The player may switch between the original tracks and rearranged tracks while playing. Additionally, Ghost Trick’s original composer Masakazu Sugimori has created a new track!

The collected artwork and music can be played back via the in-game menu. Immerse yourself in the world of Ghost Trick with never-before-seen concept art or by overlaying music on different scenes.

The popular Ghost Puzzles have been added! Move the tiles to revisit some scenes from the game! The game also added “Challenges”, missions that the player can complete by meeting special conditions in a chapter, such as not to die in a certain part of the game.

ghost trick phantom detective screenshot 1

Additionally, a demo of Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is now available for players to try before they choose to purchase the game.

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is now available on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and Steam.

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