PC and Xbox Game Pass Increases Price, Adds New ‘Standard’ Tier With No Day One Games

In a nutshell

  • Xbox Game Pass is Microsoft’s subscription service that allows players to enjoy a huge list of games for a low price per month, similar to Netflix and Disney+
  • The subscription service will now see a price increase for new subscribers starting July 10
  • A new tier will also be introduced that will NOT include day one titles

Microsoft has announced that PC and Xbox Game Pass will be getting price increases starting July 10, 2024 for new subscribers. Current subscribers will see recurring charges reflect the increase starting September 12, 2024.

Additionally, a new tier will be introduced soon, which will not include day one titles like Call of Duty: Black Ops 6, Starfield, and many more. Dubbed as Xbox Game Pass Standard, it will still include the wide back catalog of games but will miss out on the big day one releases.


To see a summary of the changes, check out the details below:

  • Game Pass for Console will no longer be available for new members. Subscribers currently on this tier can maintain their subscription if they choose to do so.
  • A new Xbox Game Pass Standard is being introduced for $14.99 per month. This tier will include Xbox Live Gold for Multiplayer and access to Xbox Games Catalog, but will not include day one titles and Xbox Cloud Gaming.
  • Starting September 12, 2024, Xbox Game Pass for Console stacking will only be allowed for up to 13 months.
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, the highest tier, is getting a price increase to $19.99 per month (previously $16.99). This tier includes all benefits, including PC Game Pass, day one titles, and cloud gaming.
  • PC Game Pass is increasing its price to $11.99 per month (previously $9.99).
  • Xbox Game Pass Core, the most basic tier which only includes Xbox Live Gold for Multiplayer, will see an annual price increase of $74.99 per year (previously $59.99), but will retain its $9.99 per month price.

A Microsoft support page explaining all of the changes can be found at the official support website.

xbox game pass core 1

In the Philippines, PC Game Pass will also see a price increase.

From its PHP119 price point, PC Game Pass will now cost PHP175 per month, an almost 50% increase in price.

pc game pass price increase philippines

For the full list of price changes globally, see here.

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