Filipino-made game ‘Lockdown Hero’ is now available on Steam

The prevailing lockdown in the metro has proven to be tough and challenging for a lot of people. Most have resorted to other forms of business to make ends meet, some have found solace in the world of video games, while others have taken up reading and learning new skills during this down time. One person, in particular, has been inspired by the games he was playing during the quarantine, enough to make him create a game of his own!

Jergs Correa from Marikina City has come up with a very timely game called ‘Lockdown Hero’, which is described as a 3D open world adventure game that has you being the hero that rids the world of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As seen on its Steam page, Lockdown Hero features character customization, quests, mini-games, and even a farming feature.

Check out the trailer below!

The most impressive thing about the game is that Jergs Correa, also known as Brick Geek Games, is the one man development team for Lockdown Hero. “Pinag-aralan ko lang gumawa ng games nung nag lockdown dahil wala magawa and ginawa ko sya in 5 weeks time during lockdown since madaming free time,” says Correa in a short conversation with OMG.

Jergs is not a game developer by trade (he was a 3D animator), but with enough perseverance and time brought about by the quarantine, he has produced something quite remarkable, even including his 9 year old daughter as one of the voice over talents in the game.

Lockdown Hero is now available on Steam for only PHP399.95 and for more information about the game or about Brick Geek Games, you can head on over to their Facebook Page.

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