UST First-Year Students welcomed with Virtual Tour of Campus in Minecraft

The current pandemic has forced schools and students alike to start the new school year online. This means that first-year students won’t be able to experience walking through the various halls of their new school for the first time.

A team of students from the University of Santo Tomas put things into their own hands by rebuilding their beloved campus in Minecraft, which you can see below:

“We built the campus to instill the tradition that UST upholds every year for its freshmen students. We also missed UST which led us to build a team for its creation, ” explained UST Minecraft Founder, Charles Nobleza when we asked him what made the team want to make the campus in Minecraft.

According to him, the project took two months to build and there are around 80 people on their team.

I didn’t graduate from UST and haven’t been to the campus enough times to know the entire place but it does look quite impressive. It has the iconic Arch of the Centuries, Plaza Mayor, and Main Building. By iconic, I definitely mean the areas of the school that are seen the most. The team also included condominiums and food spots around the four streets of the campus, in addition to the buildings inside.

The team of students have partnered with the school which made the first year tour possible.

This is a pretty cool way to welcome the new students into college, especially one as legendary as UST. The fact that they did so in Minecraft is just icing on top.

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