Sony will employ Air Freight services to meet PlayStation 5 demand

To meet the sky-high demand for the PlayStation 5, which a lot are expecting to drop sometime in November, Sony will be using air freight services to transport the units faster.

This comes from Niko Partners’ Senior Analyst Daniel Ahmad, who has the information coming from Delta Air Cargo Head Jerry Tai. In an interview that was published by Caixin Weekly, Sony has apparently booked 60 flights of Delta 747 aircrafts to ship the PlayStation 5 to the US alone. Other regions are assumed to be doing some expediting of their own as well with just about 2 months left before release.

This, of course, comes with a cost, and Sony will be spending a lot of money to get the PS5 on shelves just in time for release. It doesn’t help that the global COVID situation has made things harder for anybody and anything to move around, adding to the challenges that both Sony and Microsoft are facing.

The demand for the PlayStation 5 is high and is expected to sell out as soon as pre-orders start. While no one knows yet exactly how much the console will cost and when it will release, we may finally find out later this week when Sony holds their PlayStation 5 showcase. Even if it was mentioned that the showcase would focus on games, pricing and pre-order details could be on the menu as well.

Earlier today, Bloomberg also reports that Sony may be cutting production estimates from 15 million units to just 11 million units for Q1 2021, making the quest to get one unexpectedly tough.

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