What’s inside a Fall Guy? Nightmares.

Ever wondered what’s inside a Fall Guy? A whole jellybean or maybe thousands of little jellybeans perhaps, or maybe some of that pink slime surrounding the arena. Wonder no more! Or rather, maybe you shouldn’t have even wondered at all.

The devs politely asked at the very least, and it seems that a staggering number of people want the truth, so…

Mediatonic have given us what we wanted and well, it got me thinking if I even wanted it in the first place, but here we are. Official lore, they call it.

Excuse me, but wtf.

So these guys are 6ft tall, have a hunched over skeleton, with a neck and eyes that probably came from the devil himself. Satan must be smiling.

Mediatonic gave us another choice again but I’m guessing you already know the answer to this one…

Let the horrific fan art begin.

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