Starting out in The Last of Us 2? Here are some fast facts about the game

Got your copy of The Last of Us Part II yet? If not… Why not?! It’s a great game that is sitting at a 96 metacritic rating and even the OMG team have given it a beaming recommendation.

Disclaimer – This post contains minor spoilers. Do not read past this point if you want to experience the game on a clean slate.

If you’re only diving into the game now, enjoy! Here are some fast facts that you need to know about the game before you start:

  • The Last of Us 2 takes is the sequel to the first game, so there will definitely be references to the first. For the best experience, we recommend playing the first game before diving into Part 2.
  • The initial file size of the game is 77.32 GB, not including possible new patches. For Physical purchases, the game will come in 2 discs. For team digital, we hope you’ve already pre-loaded the game!
  • The game spans anywhere from 25-35 hours long, depending on how you choose to play it. That’s nearly 2-3 times longer than the first game!
  • The game has a dedicated Photo Mode, enjoy taking (and sharing) your unforgettable moments in the game!
  • Similar to the first game, Part 2 has a TON of collectibles which you’ll need to collect in order to unlock that Platinum Trophy. There are in total 127 Artifacts, 48 Trading Cards, 32 Coins, 20 Journal Entries, 25 Workbenches, and 14 Safes.
  • There is a new game + that will allow you to play the game again with your upgrades intact. If you’re missing a card or an artifact somewhere, the game actually allows you to replay specific chapters and sequences to make acquiring that Platinum even easier!
  • Game got you stumped? There is a handful of difficulty options which you can tweak to suit your playstyle like enemy perception, accuracy, an enemy’s ability to escape grabs, or your allies’ability to escape grabs individually.
  • The game now has a dedicated dodge button, which allows for more dynamic gameplay against your foes.
  • Supplement upgrades are back but have changed quite a bit. There are upgrade trees now that you can upgrade depending on your playstyle like crafting centric upgrades and stealth upgrades among others.
  • Playing through the campaign will earn you points that you can use to unlock items in the game’s Model Viewer and Concept Art gallery. You’ll want to unlock everything because the artwork in this game in exquisite!
  • The Last of Us 2 boats of impressive accessibility options that will suit any impaired gamer that would want to play and enjoy the game. From a high contrast mode to a text to speech option, you’ll be able to tailor fit the game to your liking.

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