The Last of Us Part II complete Trophy list shows an easy Platinum for trophy hunters

For all you trophy hunters out there, we’re pretty sure you’re already working your way towards that oh so sweet Platinum trophy in The Last of Us Part II. So here’s a list of all the trophies you’ll need to get in order to do so.

Fortunately, there really isn’t anything very spoilerish in terms of plot, so it’s quite safe. Nonetheless, those who want to experience the game completely blind should avoid reading further…

Anyone wanting to avoid even minor spoilers may leave now…

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Disclaimer – This post contains minor spoilers. Do not read past this point if you want to experience the game on a clean slate.

Okay time’s up! So without further ado here’s the complete Trophy List for The Last of Us Part II:

  • Every Last One of‏ Them (Platinum) – Collect all trophies
  • What I Had to Do (Gold) – Complete the story
  • Survival Expert (Gold) – Learn all player upgrades
  • Arms Master (Gold) – Fully upgrade all weapons
  • Archivist (Gold) – Find all articles and journal entries
  • Master Set (Gold) – Find all trading cards
  • Numismatist (Gold) – Find all coins
  • Prepared For the Worst (Gold) – Find all workbenches
  • Mechanist (Silver) – Fully upgrade a weapon
  • Specialist (Silver) – Learn all player upgrades in one branch
  • Safecracker (Silver) – Unlock every safe
  • Sightseer (Silver) – Visit every location in downtown Seattle
  • Journeyman (Silver) – Find all training manuals
  • Survival Training (Silver) – Learn 25 player upgrades
  • High Caliber (Silver) – Find all weapons
  • In the Field (Silver) – Find 12 workbenches
  • Tools of the Trade (Bronze) – Craft every item
  • Tinkerer (Bronze) – Upgrade a weapon
  • Apprentice (Bronze) – Learn a player upgrade
  • Starter Set (Bronze) – Find 5 trading cards
  • Mint Condition (Bronze) – Find 5 coins
  • Looks Good On You (Hidden) – Put a hat on your companion
  • Sharpshooter (Bronze) – Win the marksmanship competition
  • Put My Name Up (Bronze) – Earn the high score in the archery game
  • Relic of the Sages (Bronze) – Find the Strange Artifact
  • So Great and Small (Bronze) – Find the Engraved Ring

You’ll notice immediately that gone are the multiplayer trophies (due to the fact that the game has no multiplayer yet), and gone are the difficulty trophies as well. The Platinum Trophy should be easy pickings and should require at least 2 playthroughs.

Hey, Naughty Dog did say that even players with impairments can achieve that Platinum.

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