Final Fantasy XVI could release in 2021 according to a report

Announced back in September, Final Fantasy XVI was a bit of a surprise to most who were tuning in to the PlayStation 5 showcase. While some may have expected it, it was quite shocking to see a 4 minute trailer, long enough to show more than just the game name. Apparently, we won’t be waiting too long for it to release as it may launch in 2021 if this recent development is to be believed.

In a post by the Nmia Gaming Facebook Page, a trusted source of news, the December 2020 issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine UK has revealed the 2021 release window, but with no month specifically. The post shows a few images, but nothing really highlighting the release window.

This lines up with previous reports that basic development is already complete, which is believable considering that the announcement trailer is more than just a simple logo reveal.

While that may be the case, a lot of viewers pointed out that the game could look “better” and the development team immediately responded to the feedback, saying that the game is not fully optimized yet, assuring the public that it will look much better when the finishing touches are applied.

Until we get official word, we’ll take this with a grain of salt, but it would indeed be great if Final Fantasy XVI was indeed released sooner rather than later.

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