Sucker Punch job listing possibly hints at a new Ghost of Tsushima related project

Ghost of Tsushima has been a revelation for Sucker Punch. After opening up the console generation with Infamous Second Son, they are now wrapping up with a hugely successful title that is a Game of the Year contender in the books of many, selling out and breaking all sorts of digital sales records. It would only be natural for them to create something with the same setting, or better yet, a sequel, which could actually be a thing if a job listing is any indication.

Sucker Punch just opened up a bunch of positions, with one for a Narrative Writer, proficient in “writing dialogue and text, developing open-world stories, and crafting narrative content in collaboration with other designers.” That, in itself, doesn’t sound too indicative of a sequel, but there’s another line that says “Desire to write stories set in feudal Japan” and a bonus if you have “Knowledge of feudal Japanese history.” That definitely sounds something Ghost of Tsushima-related, sequel or not.

What that could be a long ways to go, and most definitely on the PlayStation 5, Ghost of Tsushima players can enjoy the latest update to the game which brings Legends, a fantastic co-op mode that is free to own for all!

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