Godfall will require an internet connection to play

Godfall, one of the titles headlining the launch lineup of the PlayStation 5, is a looter slasher game that’s described as a complete game and will not follow in the “games as a service” footsteps of similar loot based titles before it like Marvel’s Avengers or Destiny. While this is the case, it is interesting to note that Godfall will require an internet connection to play, and cannot be played offline.

This information comes from the official Godfall entry on the PlayStation website, showing an “Online Play Required” notice. The developers clarified and confirmed this as well on their Twitter account.

While Godfall can be played as a single player game, the action and fun seems to stem from its multiplayer experience, where players can jump in and out of games on the fly, possibly explaining the need for a persistent online connection. PS Plus is also required for online play, just in case you may have thought otherwise.

Pre-orders for Godfall have been revealed, and an Ascended edition containing tons of in-game items plus the first expansion, is also available.

Godfall is scheduled for a November 12 release for the PlayStation 5 and PC.

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