Spider-Man: Miles Morales PS5 leaked footage shows impressive loading times

Spider-Man: Miles Morales footage has emerged from Reddit and Resetera and no, it isn’t gameplay, which we’ve already seen much of. It’s actually something we’ve never seen of the game – the loading times! The next-gen consoles are touting a major improvement in speed and loading times and it looks like it isn’t just marketing speak, as it takes about 10 (give or take) seconds to load the game up from the home menu to actually playing the game.

Check it out below:

That’s really fast, as it looks like you won’t even have time to take a bathroom break in between or even prepare a cup of coffee before the game has loaded. Apart from the improvement in visual fidelity, the quality of life and loading time improvements are what really sets the next-generation consoles apart.

Miles Morales is looking every bit like the must play game that it is, even getting his iconic suit from the animated film ‘Into the Spider-Verse’!

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