Night City Wire Episode 4 Focuses on Speed and Style

With a month left prior to the release of Cyberpunk 2077, Night City Wire has become quite a common occurrence to keep itself relevant and the fans hyped. With a promise to look at the vehicles this time around, excitement for this episode isn’t as pronounced compared to the first couple episodes, but we stuck it out for any new surprises in store. However, bereft with surprises, save for the appearance of Keanu Reeves, the episode mostly details the vehicles, styles, and a word up on Google Stadia

Rides Of The Dark Future

The new trailer Rides of The Dark Future sums up the vehicles of the game. As a sprawling open world, being able to catch a glimpse of everything on foot is no laughing matter even with Fast Travel. To traverse the metropolis and the dangerous badlands, you have many vehicles to choose from. Economy Class vehicles focus much on utility and getting the job done – your typical SUVs, consumer sedans, and pickups. Executive Class vehicles are your souped up rides built for comfort and luxury to get you where you need to go in style. Heavy Duty vehicles such as trucks and tanks are unstoppable juggernauts that let you courier sensitive items and ram everyone else out of the way. While if you want speed and respect, the Sport Class is probably right for you. Finally Hypercars combine the class of the Executive Vehicles, the armor of the Heavy Duties, and the speed and prestige of the Sport Vehicles. 

The team at CD Projekt Red pulled all the stops to make the vehicles in the game as believable as possible combining classic combustion engine sounds as well as giving each vehicle a unique look, feel, and style to make every driving experience different. With that they collaborated with Arch Motorcycles for that customized motorbike feel as well as actually recording sound design with a professional race car driver.

Game-wise, vehicles work the same way as in Grand Theft Auto V where you could steal each of the different classes of cars, each with its own personality and design, from the exterior to the dashboard where the iterations of vehicles would depend on what you buy or steal at the moment. Owning your own vehicle would require you to purchase it from your fixer and just like Roach in The Witcher 3, you could “summon” said car to your location. Unfortunately if you’re on a roof, I don’t think the car could fly. I mean, it’s 2077 people, where are the flying cars?

2077 In Style

The second trailer featured on this episode focuses on the Night City Style, which would be a key part in its cosmetic rewards to make your version of V unique. They range from four distinct choices, Kitsch: mostly style over substance; Entropism: no style at all; Neo Militarism: a cold executive look that values functionality over look; and finally Neo Kitsch, which marries the tenets of Kitsch and Neo-Militarism for the uber-elite. 

Any New Surprises?

Cyberpunk 2077 launches on November 19th for the PS4, Xbox One, PC, next-gen consoles, and just recently announced Google Stadia. Stadia pre-orders are out now. Night City Wire Episode Five has been teased with the Diner sizzle reel, which will be focusing mostly on body mods.

At this point, CD Projekt Red should just release a demo.

You can watch the full Night City Wire episode 4 below:

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