PlayStation 5 teardown gives a first look at the internal components

Long awaited, Sony have finally released the teardown video of the PlayStation 5, which gives us a first and up-close look at the inner workings of the next-generation console.

The full video was posted on the PlayStation Blog, which advises us to not replicate the teardown lest we void our warranty, as well as for safety reasons.
Check out the video below:

The 7 minute long video shows the console in ways we have never seen yet, including having it directly beside a person, which shows just how big the console is. Or is the guy really small?

You can also see that the stand is not simply something you place your console on. On its vertical orientation, it is screwed onto the bottom part to hold it in place. On its horizontal orientation, you’ll have to clip it to secure the system. Either way you prefer, the stand will serve its purpose.

The video takes us through the paces of opening up the console, from the pop up side panels which has been speculated but now confirmed. The pop up panels are sure to provide major customization options that is sure to delight modders out there. Custom designs, anyone? Now you can actually “get” that all-black PS5 when it launches!

We’re also taken through the front (1 USB Type C and 1 USB Type A) and back (2 USB Type A, LAN, and HDMI) ports, even to actually “tearing” the system apart, showing the humongous cooling fan and heatsink that is required to keep the system cool, as attested to by the first batch of Japanese Youtubers and Media.

It is great to finally see this, as fears of possible “complications” have been surrounding Sony’s silence about PS5 details. As launch date nears, we’re hoping to find out more about the PS5, specifically about the UI.

The PlayStation 5 will be priced at $499 (around PHP25,000) for the Standard Edition and $399 around PHP20,000) for the Digital Edition. Both editions will release on November 12 in selected territories (US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and South Korea) and November 19 worldwide.

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