PlayStation Trophies will have a new leveling system

Trophies have been an integral part in the PlayStation experience. From sharing friendly competition with your friends to just seeing all your accolades across all of the games you’ve played, Trophies give a sense of accomplishment as you play. Starting tonight in North America (tomorrow for Players here in the Philippines), PlayStation trophies will have a new leveling system.

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, new enhancements to the trophy leveling experience was detailed, showing changes to level progression and level icons. It’s nothing too complicated, and we’ll explain the changes below.

playstation trophies new leveling system

The most immediate change you’ll see is the change to your level. Previously, the level range is from 1-100, but the change will now update the cap to to 999, and the update will immediately adjust your trophy level to reflect this change. The computation will be based on the number and grade of trophies you’ve acquired. The example given was that if you are currently a level 12, then your updated trophy level will be “somewhere in the low 200’s”, giving you the Bronze icon with stripes. You’ll even have an icon to resemble your level range now, instead of just a star.

Along with this update, a new level calculation structure will be implemented as well. Players will level up faster in the earlier levels, and Platinum trophies will account for a bigger jump in progression.

All of your Trophy data will carry over to the PlayStation 5, so there is no need to worry about your levels being left behind when you make the next-gen jump.

Do you know anyone who is at level 999? What is your trophy level going to be? We’re guessing ours will be somewhere in the upper silver level, thanks to our recent trophy hauls from Mafia Definitive Edition and Crash Bandicoot 4!

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